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Indepedence training

Alongside our premises at Westhay, we also provide an indepedance training service, of which we operate from a flat in Street, nr Glastonbury.


The aim of the flat is, to provide experiences and teach day to day living techniques that promote independance and life skills that can be used to help our service users make the transition from supported to independent living.


We can offer support in :


  • General living skills, eg washing, cleaning, ironing and making beds.
  • Cooking, including: cooking techniques, nutrition, portion sizes and food hygiene.
  • Money Management., eg calculating change, economic shopping choices and planning ahead
  • Bus training
  • Community Skills -banking, shopping, posting letters and communication in the community


The activities we undertake at the flat vary daily and are specific to requirements of the service user, tailored to help improve any area of weakness.


We are constantly looking to move forwards with our approach to domicialry care, and "The Flat" is a good example of this. Clients only visit the flat one day a week, intergrated within their weekly schedule of attending Westhay. Although the flat will not necessarily be suited to every service user, for those of whom it is beneficial, it has shown dramatically postitive results.

 Left :The kitchen area in the flat.









Below: The living room

We are located at:

Westhay Opportunity Centre

Orchard House
Shapwick Road



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